25 – 26 July 2019, Resorts World Convention Centre, Basement 2, East Ballroom, Theatre


SMF2019 – Wired for the Future is about design, digital and community. It will bring together the next generation thinkers and disruptors to imagine the future together as a business community. Join us on this exciting journey to discover deeper insights for disruption, innovation & being relevant for the future and what it will take to lead us there.

We have invited the best minds in MICE and Industry verticals to come together to deliberate these key questions – How do I build value? What is the starting point of being authentic? How do I align myself with the right insights and challenge my status quo in order to grow? How do I stay innovative and stay relevant? What does it mean to be agile and fluid for growth? What do I need to do to strengthen my business proposition? These insights and more will be covered by the various sessions to be presented by many rainmakers and rising stars in industry.

SMF2019 – Wired for the Future will be presenting many exciting case studies and real stories of AUTHENTICITY, ASPIRATIONS & ACTIONS around the Asia Pacific region and community building manifesto.

For enquiries on participating, please email us at

Thursday, 25 July 2019
Time Program Venue
8:00AM - 9:00AM Registration & Showcases

Digital, Design & Community
Morning Plenary
9:30AM - 10:00AM Opening Address

Aloysius Arlando, President, SACEOS
Keith Tan, Chief Executive, STB
Main Stage
10:00AM - 10:30AM Return On Experience
Humans are sophisticated beings driven by emotions, sensations, and desires. Designs should not be about ‘users’, ‘consumers’ - People won’t fit neatly into boxes or be siloed into channels.

Business Events are great platforms for human & business engagements. How should event platforms be designed for greater return on experience? How would event platforms morph in the future? Join Tim as he shares his philosophy on how successful design for human outcomes will deliver better business outcomes.

Speaker: Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO, Eight Inc.
Main Stage
10:30AM - 11:00AM Hard-Wired to Survive: Huawei’s transformation from a follower to a leader
Huawei is a company known to the world, but does the world know Huawei? What made the company grow into becoming a world leader and the most important topic of conversation in the US-China trade war?

Understanding Huawei's transformation journey and how companies in the business events industry can be more hard wired for success and hard wired for the future?

Speaker: Dr. David De Cremer, Provost Chair, Professor, National University of Singapore
Main Stage
11:00AM - 11:15AM Customer Centricity

Fire-side Conversation:
Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO, Eight Inc.
Dr. David De Cremer, Provost Chair, Professor, NUS
Main Stage
11:15AM - 11:35AM Stretch Break Foyer
11:35AM - 11:55AM Global Buyers Insights
Hear ye! Hear ye! ABM Buyers Giving you Tips to Succeed in Your Future Events.

Speaker: Global Buyers
Main Stage
11:55AM - 12:15PM Serendipity by Design
The world of ecosystems consists of multiple players from multiple sectors. Today, we are in the phase of formation of ecosystems, and soon, these ecosystems will connect with one another. How would these ecosystems evolve and deliver value is unknown; and therein lies serendipity. Hear how companies can consider orchestrating the moments of serendipity and better design customer engagement environment to realise these moments.

Speaker: Gaurav Modi, CEO, South East Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Capgemini
Main Stage
12:15PM – 12:35PM Going Cloud-First: Take the good without the bad
With the world being more digitally-enabled and the proliferation of more design-based customer engagement journeys, what cybersecurity needs are necessary for companies to ensure such an engagement cannot be easily sabotaged or ruined through cyber-attacks and how companies can look at various cost-effective solutions to reasonably “harden” their system and give assurance to customers that their data is protected.

Speaker: Paul Hadjy, CEO, Horangi
Main Stage
12:35PM – 12:50PM Moments of Serendipity vs Trust

Fire-side Conversation:
Gaurav Modi, CEO, South East Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Capgemini
Paul Hadjy, CEO, Horangi
Main Stage
12:50PM – 14:20PM Networking Lunch


Concurrent Smart Zones
14:30PM – 15:10PM (#1) Impact and Inspire like TED!
How to/ brief and prepare your speakers to make your audiences go WOW!

Speaker: Dave Lim, Founder & Producer, TEDxSingapore
Smart Zone #1
(#2) "Creating the workplace of the future”
How do you find a balance between work and life, and how can forward-thinking companies innovate to take the workplace into a future where the next generation prioritizes work-life integration?

Speaker: Dr. Elaine Kim, Medical Doctor & Founder, The Crib, Treahaus

(#2) Quieting our inner critic & succeed
Women leaders have special qualities that are innate. We can be our own best champion or our worst enemy. Understanding our special characteristics helps to shape our leadership style and the strengths we bring to our professional lives. This interactive session will explore our special qualities and our perfectionist selves.

Speaker: Cathy Breden, Chief Operating Officer, IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events

(#2) Panel: Inclusion & Diversity

Dr. Elaine Kim, Medical Doctor & Founder, The Crib, Treahaus
Cathy Breden, Chief Operating Officer, IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events)
Smart Zone #2
(#3) From digital-first to audience-first
Disruption does not discriminate. The value of advanced analytics applications in the media industry and how transformation goes beyond digitalization.

Speaker: Fiona Chan, Head, Strategy and Analytics, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

(#3) Event Experience Starts with Registration: What's Next?
Events world has evolved. Technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning have made Events Smarter. What business models could be the next change; and how embracing technology can help businesses create more sustainable events around the world.

Speaker: Yusno Yunos, CEO & Founder, Evenesis

(#3) Panel: Events Go-Tech

Fiona Chan, Head, Strategy and Analytics, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Yusno Yunos, CEO & Founder, Evenesis
Smart Zone #3
15:10PM – 15:50PM (#1) Smart Hospitality For Business

Speaker: Dr. Derek Wang, Country Manager, Alibaba Cloud Singapore
Smart Zone #1
(#2) New algorithm economics
A new starting point for Meeting and Events Organizer. In a network setting for events, where does daily app (like Chope) plug in? What defines a network player? What would Chope Events look like?

Speaker: Dinesh Balasingam, Chief Operating Officer, The Chope Group Pte Ltd

(#2) Empowering micro-entrepreneurs to thrive in today's digital economy
Impact of platforms such as Grab on the economy and social fabric. Talk through various entrepreneurship opportunities that Grab has created for the mass underprivileged and underbanked sections of the society. Across the verticals, transport and food, Grab has provided financial means to many budding micro-entrepreneurs - such as to drivers and small merchants. The platform has also influenced South East Asia's overall digital progress, making everyday services safer and convenient.

Speaker: Wee Tang Yee, Country Manager, GRAB

(#2) Panel: Making events an everyday app

Dinesh Balasingam, Chief Operating Officer, The Chope Group Pte Ltd
Wee Tang Yee, Country Manager, GRAB
Smart Zone #2
(#3) Amplifying the Power of Live Events
The power of live events is well understood and accepted. To understand how to amplify that power by tracking your attendee journey throughout the event and utilizing insights to inform and personalize the rest of your marketing to those attendees. Integrate this data with your marketing automation and CRM and share the power with the rest of your organization.

Speaker: Will Kataria, Director of Sales, CVENT

(#3) Leveraging data & analytics for greater customer & event insights
What are some of the common insights that would be useful easily accessible for event organisers? Gianluca will share insights on best practices from decades of analysing scenarios to create immersive experiences.

Speaker: Gianluca Bernacchia, Analytics Chief Technologist, DXC Asia

(#3) Panel: Creating immersive experiences with data

Will Kataria, Director Of Sales, CVENT
Gianluca Bernacchia, Analytics Technologist, DXC Asia
Smart Zone #3
15:50PM – 16:10PM Stretch Break Foyer
Evening Plenary
16:10PM – 16:25PM Earning Influences: What power do brands have?
What do companies, regardless of their size – big or small – have to contend with in their story-telling? What should the narrative be for a brand to be wired for the future?

Speaker: Emily Poon, Executive Group Director, PR & Influence, Social, Ogilvy Singapore.
Main Stage
16:25PM – 16:40PM Earning Attention in a ‘swipe-left’ world
Traditional, top-down, broadcast-first, interruption-led brand building needs change. We live in an age where brands can no longer just talk about themselves or spend their way into the hearts and minds of consumers. Facing a deficit in attention, adopting an earned-centric approach to developing and deploying brands is more important than ever. This session will focus on a key question - Are brands ready for Earning Attention in a ‘swipe-left’ world?

Speaker: Rupen Desai, Former Vice Chairman for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Edelman
Main Stage
16:40PM – 16:55PM Story-telling

Fire-side Conversation:
Emily Poon, Executive Group Director, PR & Influence, Social, Ogilvy Singapore
Rupen Desai, Former Vice Chairman for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Edelman
Main Stage
16:55PM – 17:10PM Community: The Ultimate touchstone for great conferences
Successful organizers put Community in the heart of its events. It’s about being collegiate as well as competitive in order to grow. Tune in on how Mumbrella innovate through industry-wide ‘call for sessions’ and its smart use of idigital media assets– to drive the quality content, high-level attendance and immersive engagement at its forums. In this session, you will hear a deep-dive on the processes and techniques that make that possible.

Speaker: Dean Carroll, General Manager, Mumbrella Asia.
Main Stage
17:10PM – 17:25PM Social License : Engage Community to lead Space
Instead of the traditional way of building a venue of products and services and market the venue to attract more visitors to your space, it’s time to build communities first and allow them to lead your space! Consumers today are getting more information from the internet and online shopping has change the way shoppers’ shop. It is thus important to understand and identify your communities you want to build, start engaging and grow the communities to earn your SOCIAL LICENCE.

Speaker: Kenny Eng, Chief Hortitainer, Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia)
Main Stage
17:25PM – 17:40PM Alternative event organisers: A community approach

Fire-side Conversation:
Dean Carroll, General Manager, Mumbrella Asia
Kenny Eng, Chief Hortitainer, Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia)
Main Stage
17:40PM – 18:30PM The Experience Economy
Over 70% of millennials prefer to spend on an experience, as opposed to a material item. This generation is turbo charging growth of the experience economy with their demonstrated display of “I was there.” Within this, the impact of special events is now recognized as a powerful tool as “experiential events.” Rather than telling attendees something, special events engage attendees. The result is an indelible impression of a brand or technology. Further, the rise of social media has fueled the growth of special events, largely because well-crafted events provide the picturesque moments that attendees like to share.

In this session, get a snapshot of how the experience economy is transforming the events industry, and is creating new opportunities to collaborate and innovate.

Speaker: Sukumar Verma, Managing Director, IBC Asia (Informa)
Main Stage
19:00PM – 21:00PM SMF Party – Adventure Cove Waterpark, RWS
Be prepared to be wet!
Friday, 26 July 2019
Time Program Venue
Morning Plenary
9:00AM – 9:05AM Day 2 Opening Main Stage
9:05AM – 9:20AM Their PASSION MADE Your Event POSSIBLE
Recognizing & Celebrating Unsung Heroes

Speaker: Team Passion Made Possible
Main Stage
9:20AM – 9:35AM Dreams made possible - Building a product for a social good, an AI story
Getting technology to the people who needed it the most - How do you make your invention accessible to society?An insight to the process, the thoughts behind this, and the aspirations.

Speaker: Annabelle Kwok, Founder & CEO, NeuralBay
Main Stage
9:35AM – 10:05AM Confessions of a Trade Show Organiser : The Heartstrings of the business
Half a century, a lifetime in the business - what's the secret formula? How can one confront and look at this life's journey in the business?

Speaker: Ray Bloom, Chairman, IMEX Group
Main Stage
10:05AM – 10:20AM Heartstrings

Fire-side Conversation:
Annabelle Kwok, Founder & CEO, NeuralBay
Ray Bloom, Chairman, IMEX Group
Main Stage
10:20AM – 10:35AM The Race to Mediocrity - Why be great if you get by, by being mediocre?
Let's look at all the management practices that are designed to make our teams and therefore our companies average.
- Common mistakes we make in management that lead to regression.
- How to avoid the mediocrity trap.

Speaker: Mathias Posch, President, IAPCO
Main Stage
10:35AM - 11:00AM Stretch Break Foyer
11:00AM – 11:20AM Day 0 - Insights

Speaker: Oscar Cerezales, COO Asia Pacific, MCI Group
Main Stage
11:20AM – 12:05PM Business Events Industry: A Global Perspective
Panel Debate: What does it mean to stay relevant?

Jane Cunningham, Director, International Associations at BestCities Global Alliance
Kai Hattendorf, CEO/Managing Director, UFI
Aloysius Arlando, President, SACEOS, Rod Cameron, President, Criterion Communications Inc
Rod Cameron, President, Criterion Communications Inc
Mathias Posch, President, IAPCO
Didier Scaillet, Chief Excellence Officer, Society for Incentive Travel Excellence
Meredith Rollins, Chief Community Officer, PCMA
Cathy Breden, Chief Operating Officer, IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events)
Main Stage
12:05PM – 12:20PM Engaging the Community through Hackathons – Blending 3 main mindsets: Tech, Business & People
What does Community Engagement mean to events platform? How does one keep the engagement going with the hive of activities 365 days of the year?

Speaker: Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman, Padang & Co.
Main Stage
12:20PM – 12:35PM Closing Plenary: Through the lens of a 16-year-old - The Perspective of the Next Generation - Innovation and Business Conferences.
This is an inspirational talk about the importance and outcomes of innovation in your life. Understanding the perspective of a high-school student on his participation at various Business Conferences and how he has shared these experiences with school students, which is the community he connects with on real time. Listen to what he has learnt at SMF & his perspective on what he has seen, with implications for the future generation.

Speaker: Rishabh Java, Founder, Student, Tech Enthusiast, Founder @Broccoli Brains | Student at GEMS Millennium | Tech Enthusiast | Young Member at New York Academy of Sciences
Main Stage
12:35PM – 13:00PM Closing Remarks

Speaker: Aloysius Arlando, President, SACEOS
Main Stage
13:00PM End of SMF 2019
13:30PM Onwards Post-SMF Activities

• Sentosa Hosted Half-day Familiarisation
• Singapore MICE Challenge 2019
• PCMA Knowledge Exchange