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Like to present at SMF2019?

We are committed to presenting a high value content program at SMF2019 as well as an inspirational atmosphere for our participating audience. As such, we carefully select speakers who reflect the heart and soul of a great business. Contributing speakers have real stories to tell which are inspiring and motivational, while offering deep insights and useful revelations.

We are keen to receive your proposals on how you have maximized the use of design planning and with the support of digital and community, created sustainable value for the future of your business. Whether you are in the Business Events Business or multi-disciplinary vertical sectors of business, if you have stories on aspirations, authenticity and actions, and prepared to share cordially with the audience, then we want you!

As a speaker at SMF2019, presenting on strategies and relating your insights as a visionary, you will be able to further build your leadership and authority in the marketplace. It will help you connect with the right people in your ecosystem, who need what you have to offer and thereby enable you to build on the partnerships necessary for wiring your business for the future.

If you are driven by great passion, have made excellent headways with future proofing your business, and can model what future success looks like in your field, please get in touch with us today at