• A focus on – A return on experience.
  • Transforming design thinking and strategy into exceptional customer experience.
  • Refining your value proposition. How to align with the right insights.
  • Incorporating design thinking into scalable product delivery.
  • The shift to user centric and focused culture.
  • Insights on methodologies and processes companies use to create new products & services.
  • Build market-winning strategies.
  • Emerging trends & staying ahead – tools and technology, human skills and opportunity.
  • Trends & developments in AI, VR, robotics with new applications to give greater value to consumers and making these more accessible.
  • Developing the right mind set for design thinking and developing the agility for delivering better products.
  • Building the necessary ecosystems for co-innovation and community relationships.
  • Innovative service design methods and strategies for business transformation.
  • Interaction design.
  • AI is the new UI – How AI is changing the way we work.
  • Making AI accessible – Developing products for community and social good.
  • Adopting AI for your business.


  • Future event spaces. A blueprint looking through the crystal ball.
  • Building future customer experiences with Digital.
  • New realities, new medium, new content – Mixed reality designs and solutions for
  • Moving from a traditional organizational environment to an agile framework – factoring in agile testing with the right framework and tools.
  • Spunking data – correlating data points to derive insights.
  • Designing cognitive analytics systems – computers now achieve decision making outcomes, similar to humans. A deeper insight on such systems.
  • Elevate your brand content strategies – for scaling effective consumer conversations, interactions and engagements.
  • Implementing AI into your business and marketing strategy to strengthen your competitive edge.


  • Confessions of a Trade Show organizer. How IMEX is built around people. How we build a community around the world. The ups and downs of the journey, what are our beliefs and what were the lessons learn along the way.
  • Views from the top – global viewpoints.
  • Inclusivity & diversity – Building future alternative narratives for work communities through inclusion and diversity.
  • Innovations and inventions for my community – my experiences as a 16-year old. Sharing what I have learnt at IoT and Fintech with my community of students.