Unleash potential and possibilities. The future begins here at SMF2019!

Here are some great reasons for you to attend the event:

  1. Discover the future of events. Gain deep insights on building relevance for the future. SMF2019 will present a high value content themed around possibilities and solutions that you can apply to future-proof your business events and meetings: many real-life stories of authenticity, aspirations, actions and inspirations from around the world.
  2. Strengthen your brand reputation and reach out to the right target audience. Crafted specially for the needs of stakeholders in the Business Events and MICE industry, SMF2019 will provide the right partnerships and connections you need to build your business. Get in touch with the professionals who need your products and services. Be visible in front of the right crowd!
  3. Meet many rising stars and achievers and learn from their journey and experiences. Get up close and personal with the people who inspire others who have real stories to share which will spur you on your own journey to grow from where you are, to being extraordinary in everything you do. Hear from the best minds.
  4. Get practical handles on how you can best articulate technology and business models to grow and enhance your ROI. Learn how you can achieve better customer engagements and interactions with AI, how you can build better systems and analytics with Cloud and Data. Get deeper insights from thinkers, strategists, leaders and visionaries.
  5. Find you own unique niche in the market and fine tune your value proposition. Over 1.5 days of insightful presentations and meaningful conversations, find out what needs to be changed in your business and discover greater wisdom to help you fine tune your value proposition. Future proof your business!
  6. Community support.SMF2019 is all about the ecosystem we all need to support our businesses. Find the right partners in one place and tap into the power of relationships. Get the needed support from like-minded people who are keen to work together as a community and co-builders of the future.

To participate as delegate, sponsor or partner, or cover the event as media, please contact us at smf@saceos.org.sg